Rock Over Climbing: Climbing & Bouldering Center, Manchester
Rock Over Climbing

Covid-19 FAQ

Are you open?

Almost! We will reopen on April 12th 2021.

What are your opening hours?

11:00 - 22:00 Monday - Friday
11:00 - 19:00 Saturday & Sunday

Do I have to pre-book a slot?

Yes, we now require any customers climbing at Rock Over to book a 3 hour session in advance through our website before coming into the centre. This is to ensure we can limit the number of customers in the building at any one time and apply safe social distancing measures. Book your slot here

What is the procedure on arrival?

Customers must wear a facemask when in the centre except when eating or drinking. Customers must also use the hand sanitiser provided in our main reception as they enter the building.

I have a prepaid pass, how do I book my 3 hour slot?

We have sent all of our pass holders an email containing a code to use when booking your three hour slot. If your unique code isn't working, please get in touch with us by emailing

Are the changing rooms open?

The changing rooms are closed. Please arrive in the clothes you will be climbing in whenever possible.

Are new members still welcome?

Yes, however all new members MUST complete a registration form before they come to the centre. Our tablet station at reception will be unavailable so please complete your online waiver via our website.

With 105 slots available, how are you enforcing social distancing?

Government guidelines allow one person per 9sqm of floor space. With our new building, and a whole host of changes to our layout, we're able to comfortably fit over 200 people while following these guidelines. We've reduced the number to 105 to ensure all our customers have ample space to enjoy their climb, and won't have to queue to use the walls.
Each climbing area will have signage dictating the max number of people it can hold, please check these numbers when your moving around the centre and maintain a minimum of 2m distance from all other climbers.

How often should I clean my hands?

We have set up designated hand sanitising stations throughout the centre, we encourage customers to use these as often as possible.

Will I need to wear a face mask when climbing?

Face coverings are now required when climbing.

If I was registered before the centre closed, do I still need to fill in an online waiver?

If you've previously registered with us, you'll still be on our system. If it's been a long time since you last visited (for instance, January 2019) then we'd recommend watching our video again and filling out a new form online. It's quick, easy and will speed up the entry process when you arrive for your climb.

Is kit hire still available?

We'll still have harnesses and shoes available for hire. We may have reduced quantities if we're required to quarantine any items, so please bear with us. We will no longer be providing chalk, however we have liquid (over 70% alcohol) and loose chalk available for purchase.

Will you still be running inductions for new members when you reopen?

Yes, we will be offering inductions on most days. These inductions last 30 minutes and cover the basics of bouldering.

Can I bring my kids?

One adult is able to supervise a maximum of two people at any one time, providing they are from the same social bubble. We'd recommend over 18s register with us, a quick and easy process through our website.

Is the Soft Play open?

During the closure we have revamped our soft play centre and have turned it into the Boulder Park. The Boulder Park is currently a climbing only area and the Soft Play addition is closed.

What do I do when I leave the centre?

First and most importantly wash your hands, use the gels provided too. We also ask that you leave promptly once your three hour slot is over and that you leave via the exit in our bouldering side of the building.

Please check this page regularly as our policies may change to stay inline with future Government Guidelines.