The internet is FULL of information on climbing these days. If anything it’s a case of knowing what not to include in your list of resources rather than what we should have in there. Nevertheless I’m going to throw at you 8 of my favourite resources (some well known, some less so) that I feel are littered with gold for you, the climbing enthusiast. So without further ado here is the great eight I’ve picked out for you to feast your brains on!

1) 9/10 Climbers make the same mistakes – Dave McLeod

We’re gonna start with a biggie! If there’s one book you need to buy as a climber, it’s this one. Why? Because it’s an absolute game changer. Personally, it’s like my climbing bible because Dave leaves no stone left unturned in this book. It’s a straight talking, no BS guide that details every possible avenue the self coached climber could take and how to avoid getting “lost in the sea of details” as Dave puts it. This book comes at a completely different angle to most, which is why it’s so refreshing as a resource. The problem (and Dave mentions this himself) is that most books and articles simply add more things you can try. They list yet more tips and tricks when what most need the opposite – To know where the possible wrong turns and training cul-de-sacs are. Get your highlighter out, scour the contents and search for the low hanging fruit in your climbing. I guarantee it will feature somewhere in this most sacred of texts. Also of note is Dave’s blog and youtube channel. If you like 9/10 climbers you’ll almost certainly dig these 2 resources too.

2) – Dr Tyler Nelson

Tyler is probably one of the most cutting edge climbing coaches out there. With some of the most up to date research, is loaded with information at the frontline of climbing training. Until recently climbing research didn’t exist, training protocols were handed down from older climbers anecdotally or methods were borrowed from other sports. However Tyler is among the very best leading climbing into a new age, forging its own specific research. His website, although technical in places and requiring some understanding of basic anatomy and physiology, is phenomenal for anyone wanting to get their hands on science backed information. Tyler is also incredible at replying to your own personal questions too. Hit him up on his IG account and he will almost always get back to you. Legend.

3) Training for Climbing – Eric Horst

Big Eric is one of the first names on the list when it comes to reliable information on climbing performance. An old timer who has continued to stay up to date and relevant, he has resources on pretty much every platform… and he keeps them up to date too! Training for climbing (his most famous book) is now on its 3rd edition, he has a podcast, a youtube channel, a newsletter… The man does it all. He’s everywhere, and this is great because as stated he’s still relevant. There’s something admirable about someone who was there when climbing was in its hippy, carefree days and has remained passionate and positive now climbing has become an olympic sport. Again a keen researcher eager to help the layman and the highly informed, Eric knows his onions

4) Moja Gear

One of the much lesser known outlets for climbing resources, Moja Gear is run by a team of coaches all of whom contribute unique insights into the world of climbing. The reason I like Moja Gear though is because of their blog, it’s less of an all out performance resource and more a holistic one.There’s stories from people who have had massive mental health breakthroughs, camping and outdoor bouldering articles and the obvious training advice too. However their training articles in particular frequently aim to myth bust and break though some of the common misconceptions that arise in any new sport. If you’re looking for a resource that challenges the norm of current trends, this is a great place to go. There’s also a great number of free ebooks, a reading list (which includes 9/10 climbers and Eric Horst’s Training for climbing) and links to some wicked climbing movies. Oh and their merch is pretty solid too if you’re looking for non mainstream stuff!

5) – Steve Bechtel (& other coaches)

Steve Bechtel heads up and what a website it is. This is the only subscription based service in this list but if you’re looking for a solid price for outstanding content this is it. Climbstrong is a top class educational platform that includes easy to understand, succinct information. Training plans, breakdowns of training principles, and specific sections dedicated to bouldering, sport and trad, climbstrong is a great one-stop-shop for everything climbing. I could spend hours on this website, it’s neatly arranged, backed up with citations to research and easy to understand. Newbie or veteran, you will get tonnes of value from being a member. For the price of a couple of beers, you get access to some world class info.