ROCfest 2022 – The Results

It was a marathon for everyone from the setters to the competitors but we finally have the results for ROCfest 2022

On 04/06/22 we saw upwards of 600 people through the doors of Rock Over Climbing for ROCfest: The Next Generation. It’s been a number of years since we last hosted ROCfest and we wanted to come back with a bang! 6 hours to climb 100 problems is one hell of a marathon but it’s what had to be done if you were to make it past qualifiers. 6 skilled men and women fought to the top and took their chance to claim the £1500 cash prize during finals. Only the champion of champions could take home the gold! 

If you’d like to know more about the specifics of how the day went, consider reading our blog:

We saw some incredible feats of athleticism and some gravity defying manoeuvres throughout the day. Everyone from beginners, youth squad members, paraclimbers, veterans and world class elites were battling it out to get the top 20 sends for their score card submissions. 

Set Day

We kicked off at 8am and split the setters into teams of 2 or 3 so each group only had a handful of problems to conceptualise. Having to come up with progressively difficult routes can be a very subjective thing so the teams were a mix of heights, skill levels and experience so they could keep each other in check. 

A flatlay of various boulder routesetting equipment for rocfest 2022. Holds, screws, drill, chalk bags, water bottles, climbing shoes, clipboard on a crash mat.

A muscular man using the off-piste rope swing during ROCfest 2022 qualifiers. The starting hold is visible on the podium later used for finals results.


It was quite quiet when the doors opened but guests slowly started funnelling in for their warmups. The early birds had up to 2 hours to plan their routes before the official competing window started at 10am.

It wasn’t long before every room had a cloud of chalk dust thick enough to cause a meteorological event. We had crimps, we had slopers, we had jugs galore; you name a hold, we had a problem centred around it. It was immense, watching the team GB members climbing alongside people who had taken their first beginners class that week and the energy in the centre was electric. 

When it came time to announce the awards for the smaller divisions, we realised that not every category had entrants. It would have been a shame to put the allotted prize fund to waste, so we decided to bump of the cash value for each person who made it to the podium! 

Qualifiers Results

Only the top 6 from the Mens/Womens open categories were permitted to go through to finals. Below you will see the results for all the other categories at ROCfest 2022.

Youth A Male:
1st – Tom Healy
2nd – Tyler Preston
3rd – Toby Kan

Youth A Female:
1st – Rosa Maya
2nd – Eleanor Robinson
3rd – Lexi Huntington

Youth B Male:
1st – Mr200kg
2nd – Max Dalton
3rd – Fred Williams

Youth B Female:

1st – Beatrice Hill
2nd – Valissya May
3rd – Rosie McGowen
3rd – Ruth Yeomanson

Youth C Male:

1st – Isaac Sutton
2nd – Dylan Heason
3rd – Kieran Lee

Youth C Female:

1st – Lily Duggan
2nd – Milly McArthur
3rd – Evie Bramley

Youth D Male:

1st – George Norton
2nd – Teodor May
3rd – Hang With George

Youth D Female:

1st – Izzy Taylor
2nd – Lucy McClune
3rd – Katy Butterworth 

Youth E Male:

1st – Arnold Whittaker 
2nd – Eli Mack-burke
3rd – Oliver Durant

Youth E Female:
1st – Cerys
2nd – Eva Riley

Para RP2 Female:

1st – Kelsey Sheridan

Para RP3 Female: 

1st – Astrid Southam

Para B2 Male:

1st – J

Para B3 Female: 

1st – Jessica Douglas

Veterans Male:

1st – Jason Mackburk
2nd – Matt Heason
3rd – Peter McArthur

Veterans Female:

1st – Hester Robinson
2nd – Carol Hayes
3rd – Karen Dillerstone

ASD & ND Male:

1st – Jacob Lake

Mental Health Female:

1st – Lucy Billington


The finals for ROCfest 2022 followed the 4 minutes + rule; meaning the climbers are allowed as many attempts as they like provided they are off the ground before the 4 minute mark has been reached.

There were 4 problems for the finals. Male and female competitors had different problems to climb and they were allotted 2 minutes each, to observe the problems and plan their routes, before being taken back into isolation. 

In additon to winning £1500 cash – the 1st place finalists will be given an invitation to compete at our next GB Titans event early 2023.

Finals Results

Mens Open:

1st – Aiden Dunne
2nd – Billy Ridal
3rd – Aiden Roberts 
4th – Jack Macdougall
5th – Kieran Forrest
6th – Nathan Phillips

Womens Open:

1st – Emily Phillips
2nd – Eugenei Lee
3rd – Zoe Petermans
4th – Tara Hayes
5th – Fae MacDougall
6th – Pippa Watkin

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