First Time Climber

Rock Over Climbing Central

First time visiting Rock Over Climbing?

If you have used climbing centres before and feel competent, please follow the four steps below. Are you new to climbing? Don’t worry, follow our new climber steps below.



1. Register online for free

2. Download our free Rock Over Climbing app

3. Buy a climb

4. Come down and climb for as long as your like at either our Central, Bolton or Wythenshawe location.

Rock Over Climbing Development Club

Can’t Find A Suitable Induction Time?

Whilst we highly recommend inductions for first time climbers, we understand that our induction time slots may not be suitable for you. You can visit us and boulder in our centres without booking an induction.

You are more than welcome to watch our induction video and complete a registration form prior to visiting the centres.

You will be expected to pass the safety questions at the reception so be sure to take note on the video and form!

New to climbing?

If you are a first time climber (or maybe you haven’t climbed in a few years), we recommend that you book onto one of our adult or family inductions. These run at all of our locations – Bolton, Manchester Central and Sharston. 

This is the safest way to get introduced to bouldering and will help give you a basic understanding of the sport. After your induction you get to climb for free and best of all; booking an induction is the cheapest way to visit Rock Over Climbing for the first time!

Supervising Under 18’s at Rock Over Climbing

Our centres are not soft play areas. We do really want to help those kids who love to climb everything and anything so please head over to our kids page for everything you need to know about our kids classes

You are more than welcome to bring your kids to Rock Over Climbing without any booking. We do ask that any children coming to climbing in the centre are supervised by an experienced and registered adult climber. Our Child to Adult supervision ratios change depending on the centre and age of the children. For more information please take the time to read our full supervision policy. 

Please note, if you are not an experienced adult climber and wish to bring children to our centres, you must book onto a family induction for your first visit to the centre. 

Rock Over Climbing Climbing Party

Looking to get more for your money?

Check out our monthly passes!

If you’re climbing multiple times a week and paying for individual sessions, it may be worth buying one of our £45 monthly passes!

We offer monthly passes as a rolling payment that automatically renews on the 1st of every month.

Monthly passes grant you unlimited access to the centre and can be purchased at the standard rate of £45.00 and £40.00 for students/NHS/forces.

Rock Over Climbing Climbing Coach

How can I keep improving?

Keep improving by booking on to a Coaching Workshop, which will focus on both the latest Black Circuit and Hub sets.

These sessions will teach you the art of projecting and introduce you to the world of competition style climbs.

£15 – Per session (including shoe hire)

Discount available for set of 3 – £35 Includes your climbing before and after that session